Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cornbread and mission for golden ingredient.

There is something beautiful about Autumn. It brings happy memories of fallen leaves and all colors that only Nature can come up with. Being Autumn, it means also that it is harvest time and that brings more memories...of corn this time.
I woke up with strange craving for cornbread. As fate would have it, my recipe book is nowhere to be seen and I am little bit picky when it comes to my cornbread.
I set to look up recipes online which would jog my memory and then remembered that my dear childhood friend Natasa might have one on her blog.
Now it comes the spooky part... I was prepared to search and search, but as soon as I clicked on her blog, there it was in all of its glory! Proja!
So, the hard part was done and the search for the ingredients proved to take small dark shop as the top shopping destination. The large shops in the vicinity didn't have polenta!
I got little bit discouraged and wanted to give up, but then remembered the tiny, badly lit shop opposite the parish church, and as one would guess, I got my polenta.
While I'm typing this, my cornbread is baking happily in the oven and I cannot wait for it to be done.
Another good news is that my camera is all better now, so the photos will follow :)
Peace to all and I'm off to peek through the oven glass and wait for my cornbread to be done.

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