Monday, November 8, 2010


I came upon this falafel recipe about a year ago when searching for chickpea recipes. My husband is not very keen on trying new foods, but once he likes them, then he asks for them on regular basis. However, the falafel is not on his list of favorites, so I'm making it for myself as comfort food.
I won't be typing the recipe, as it is already available on the above mentioned place.
I haven't been 'creating' in the kitchen for the past week or so, it has been mostly convenience foods like ravioli (handmade, but not by me), quick bites of chicken in the oven (nothing to brag about), some steamed vegetables with garlic olive oil (my blood pressure is thankful) and pizza made using ready made bases.
The thing i, I'm getting in one of 'those' periods when things are piling up and cropping up unexpectedly and I'm stuck with my graduation thesis which causes some heart palpitations, nights of insomnia and generally mood associated with spoiled brat, but multiplied by several thousands.
My husband is silently worrying about my sanity, but dares not question my decisions, tantrums and all other trimmings. Bless his heart, he's trying his best to cheer me up and lift up my spirits and I am grateful for that.
I don't want to bore the readers with episodes of personal meltdowns, but I really need to vent sometimes. Thanks goodness for friends and family who are lending sympathetic ear and nod their heads in understanding.
Until next time, wishing you the best!

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