Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wishful thinking

OK...Now that the exams stress is (almost) over,I was thinking of getting busy in the kitchen.However,the weather has it against me and besides the humidity which is killing us,the heat is unbearable.
As much as I love my baked goodies,I guess we'll be sticking to salads and nothing more.It is really silly that in winter,when I can bake till my heart's content,I'm stuck with zillion assignments and preparations for the winter session (yep...exams) and then when the summer session is over,it is too hot to stay in the kitchen and do some baking.
Fortunately,I am about to graduate in February 2011 and I will still have time to bake something before the heat starts somewhere in May.
If the wind and rain gods decide to make appearance,I shall go in my kitchen and make something nice.
My husband is in love with Macedonian food which in no way is fast food.It is prepared slowly and lovingly and maybe that is the reason it tastes so good.
Even with ingredients of inferior quality!
Whenever we go to visit over there,we do bring some spices and beans (Tetovsko gravce) home and we ration them so they last until the next visit.

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