Monday, June 7, 2010

Food for thought

I was thinking yesterday of a favourite dish of mine,mushroom biryani.And everything would have been just fine if today was not public holiday!Being public holiday means that I cannot put my hands on the main ingredient (fresh mushrooms) and it is bothering me a lot.The cherry on the cake is that I'm studying for an exam which I have to take on Friday and everything seems to take wrong turns when I'm studying.Did I mention that there are 2 piles of laundry to be taken care of?
It is funny how all things are popping to mind when I'm at my worst.
I wanted to upload some photos of dishes I had made (and took photos of) some time ago,but I think I'll do them later.
Oh...and I forgot to mention...Although it's easier for me to write in English,I do speak Serbian,Croatian and Macedonian,so questions and comments are welcome in those languages.
Well...until next time.

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