Thursday, July 8, 2010

For those long summer days

Wine as nice as it sounds, is not one of my favorite things. I've often hear comments of the type: "It is impossible not to like wine", "What do you mean you don't like wine?" and some more.
Well, being grown up doesn't really make you like things! The only time I like wine is when I pour some expensive-ish wine over pork chops or chicken livers. Period.
I like glass of bubbly every now and then, but that's just about it.
However, visitors often bring me wine and sometimes I end up with quite few bottles on my hands before I manage to give them away.
Last Christmas, my husband's niece and her husband gave me one of those expensive-ish wines and by Zeus, I had to try it!
I tried it and didn't like it, so I decided to try my hand in making a cocktail with it.
Thing is, I had seen this cocktail being made on TV for what it seems centuries ago and the presenter said it is called "Philomena cocktail".
So, all you need is bottle of red wine, cold Fanta orange, glass, teaspoon and endless patience coupled with steady hands.
Pour 3/4 Fanta in the glass and take dry teaspoon which you'll keep at an angle in the glass,taking care the spoon not to touch the Fanta.
Get the bottle of wine and pour very slowly onto the teaspoon. It is very important to pour really really slow.
Unfortunately, since I was home alone, there was no one to take photos of the method, so there are only the end result pictures.
Well...enjoy your Philomenas responsibly :)


  1. Ja ne bih kvarila dobro vino s ničim, ali svatko voli nešto drugo.
    Možda će te zanimati komentari na Mocha chocolata, pa ti ostavljam link s obzirom da je jedna osoba isprobala i koemtirala:

  2. Hvala :) Ja ne volim vino e pa to mi je! Isprobala sam kolac, ali ga nisam prevrnula iz posude. Lepo mi je ispao, ali nesto ne mogu slike da izvadim iz aparata. Stavicu ih prvom prilikom, kad sve moje tehnologije pocnu da saradjivaju :)